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Interior Design provides a soul to a living space and makes it more functional pleasant and livable. Interior design plays an important role in the everyday life especially when you are staying in town area with busy working life. For example in Petaling Jaya City, there are numbers of Kelana Jaya condo for sale and if you own one of it, you should consider to interior design your house so as to have a healthier and more appealingly pleasing environment for you to relax yourself. Here are some interior design tricks for those who want to have a beautiful and healthy environment for yourself.

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  1. Start From the Ground Up

Design can be overwhelming. People often ask where exactly to start. It is important to start in an organized plan, otherwise you end up with too many things going on without the space as a whole functioning in unison. It is a much easier approach to make your final floor covering decision first, and then layer. It does not matter if you want or have hardwood floors, area rugs, tile, stone or wall-to-wall carpeting. Thinking about your floor first will give you a direction on how other pieces are layered in the space.

  1. Paintings

There is no quicker way to give a boost to a room than with paint. Paint choice is one of the most important and cost-effective decisions you can make. Take into consideration on how colors affect our mood. For example, with white colour paints, try a handful of different shades on the wall and pay special attention to the undertones. They can have touches of pinks, blues or yellows. A smaller room but the large windows, light colored walls and abundant use of mirrors not only reflect the natural light pouring in from the doors and the windows but the use of mirrors also gives the visual illusion of space, making the room seem larger than it actually is. On the other hand, darker paints will make a room feel smaller. Even with the ample of natural light and the strategic placement of the mirrors, this room in a darker shade would have a more boxed-in feel to it.


  1. Walls

Wallpaper reaches its full potential on walls. Other than painting, you may choose to decorate your walls with wallpapers that have attractive and unusual patterns, color, and designs. You can pick for abstracted basic forms that are nature inspired or other colorful designs that will turn your walls into a beautiful work of art.

  1. Green

Add plants to your living space. Add them to your room does not matter whether its small or large, few or many. A plants do not cost a lot of money, they make a great idea to accessorizing your space and adding color and texture. If you want your interior design to be noticeable, decorate your home interiors with large plants. You may arrange a couple of large plants in the balcony or place them in your living room. Adding floral arrangements, live plants and natural items such as vases of shells or rocks, can really add that final touch to your interior design. Not only are plants beautiful but many can purify household air and balance humidity. They can absorb pollutants and remove harmful gases from the air. No home should be without these wonderful greens.

  1. Furniture

A great living room always starts with a great sofa. To avoid choosing the wrong sofa, try to pay particular attention to the quality of the fabric and the timelessness of the shape and staying away from overly fancy details like curved legs, wing back arms, tufts, and nail heads. Try mixing furniture styles and sizes so that the room looks balanced but not too bulky and not too spindly. There are plenty of decorating ideas to try even if you are staying in a small department.

Most designers will recommend that even the smaller rooms have one large statement piece, such as a large armoire or cabinet. Mix and match of big and little is key to a successful design. This rule goes with accessories, too. Being able to see the floor underneath your furniture will make the room feel more capacious, so choose furniture with legs rather than big bulky pieces. Besides that, choose furniture that can be folded up and stowed away when not in use is essential to small house living.


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    Those interior design tricks are indeed helpful. Gotta try them with my new condo. Thank you so much for sharing!


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