Info tambahan dari rakan ham/radio amatur(ibrahim / 9W2SPA)

HOW TO DETECT A HIDDEN CAMERA ? How to detect a HIDDEN CAMERA in changing rooms in garment shops & boutiques…….. In front of the changing room, take your mobile phone and make sure that your mobile can make calls. Then enter into the changing room, and make a call. If u can’t make a call, there is a hidden camera. This is due to the interference of fiber optic during the signal transfer. Please forward this to your friends to educate the public of this menace. To prevent our innocent sisters and ladies from HIDDEN CAMERAS AND UNSOLICITED STARRING ROLES IN?VIDEOS.

Info tambahan dari 9W2SPA :
Biasanya fibre optic camera guna frekuensi tinggi dan kamera tu jauh dr lokasi, jika pakai frekuensi detector mmg tak dpt kesan camera jadi cara terbaik buat panggilan tel guna 2G

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  1. msxeroz

    My office always takde line. Ingatkan bad area coverage. Baru Isnin lepas ada org beritau i depan i ada hidden CCTV. something like the gas detector image yang u postkan.

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